Da Mario Celbridge Gluten Free Restaurant

Gluten Free Restaurant at Da Mario Italian Restaurant Celbridge

Da Mario Restaurant Celbridge, welcomes customers who struggle to eat out, like Coeliacs, offering Gluten Free pizza, starters, mains, bread and desserts  also offering Gluten Free options for children and going further than other restaurants with a Gluten Free beer.

Da Mario Gluten Free recipes have been carefully selected and worked on by our head chef Pino and Adriano, they have selected and modified recipes which are close as possible to the original recipes so that they taste great as well as helping Coeliacs and people with wheat and gluten intolerances or allergies.

We have separate pasta boilers, and cook all our wheat free and gluten free pastas in different water so as to avoid cross contamination. Our pizza bases are prepared and stored in a separate part of the kitchen, we cook our Gluten Free pizzas in a separate oven away from the main kitchen. We also serve all our gluten free dishes on dedicated plates that are stored and cleaned separately.

We are listed with the Coeliac Society of Ireland and we also have three separate certificates for pizza pasta and desserts from the public analyst’s laboratory of Ireland.

Our staff are knowledgeable about wheat free and gluten free diets. The advantage at Da Mario is that, for entertaining  its great to have a restaurant which caters for the gluten free diet along with regular foods for other family members and friends.

We also serve s wide range of vegetarian options.

Da Mario, Celbridge offers diners a range of freshly made gluten free bread, pasta and pizza dishes.


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Da Mario Celbridge - Takeaway Menu and Pizza DeliveryKids set menu at Da Mario Restaurant Celbridge �9.95